Replacement glowforge sounds different

I just received a replacement glowforge basic and I don’t know if something is wrong with it or if it is just a lot quieter than the one it replaced.
The fan is much quieter, it seems to be evacuating the smoke but not as rapidly as the old one.
The printing sounds different as well but seems to be working fine.

I don’t know if I’m over-thinking this or if there is a problem with the fan. Have they changed anything with the machine that would make it sound different?

I’ve had 4 different Glowforges in my home and none of them sounded exactly the same, but they all performed exactly the same so the sound wasn’t indicating anything wrong.

  • The motors on my current one make more noise than the last one, especially when moving at certain angles, which is probably more due to minor differences in belt tension than anything.

  • They did change the design of the metal grate behind the exhaust fan, from a honeycomb shaped grid to a more open spiral design some time in 2019 or 2020 I think.

  • The exhaust fan also gets louder over time as gunk builds up on it and makes it spin unbalanced, so a brand new one should be quieter.


If you are venting outside, make sure that the exhaust fan is toggled on. Click the three dots in the interface and make sure the air filter is toggled off, this turns the machine exhaust fan on.


Thanks! it was toggled on, i’ll give it a shot later today to see if that makes a difference.

thanks again! this seems to have been the issue. not sure why that setting was toggled on as i’ve never had an air filter.

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It is a replacement machine. In it’s previous life it might have had a filter, or the switch got toggled while Glowforge was testing it before shipping to you. At any rate, I am glad the mystery is solved.


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