Replacement Lens

Started having major problems cutting my third dollhouse. While trouble shooting I found my lens to look like this:

I just ordered a lens. This is just a suggesting for people to have one on hand as I wished I had done. Maybe I should order another when this one comes in.

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Uh-oh! And it doesn’t wipe off?

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No It does not. I had to run last cut three times at very low speed and full power causing a lot of charring.

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Bummer! Hope you get it in time to finish up the Christmas gifts. (And I think I’m going to clean mine this afternoon…the fan is sounding a little rough.) :frowning:

Thanks for the heads-up!

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I’m sure it will happen to my unit at some point. Though I’m pretty anal about keeping my optical path clean. Dirt and oils on the lens are the cause.


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