Replacement machine not working from unbox & support not responding back

I received my 3rd replacement PRO machine last week, it looks brand new, the exhaust fan is different and the cooling box is even smaller than my previous units. I was SO excited to plug it in and start printing, except it won’t do anything. when I turned on previous units it has a start up sound it makes before the laser head moves and focus’ itself. this one does not make that noise at all nor does the exhaust fan turn on(the toggle switch on my end is set to off). when you go to either set focus or print anything it comes up with a general error and says to refresh browser and turn off/on glowforge. I have reset my browser, wifi, the machine, checked all cables, lenses and have been waiting on a reply from Glowforge since Saturday. I have refreshed my email more times than I’d like to admit. I took their requested pictures and sent them, but going on 72 hours of not hearing anything back is upsetting. My previous unit that wouldnt print on the right side is already on its way back to them and this beautiful new unit is just sitting here. I dont know if there is a way I can completely delete this one and try to reinstall all over again. I am growing concerned that I will run out of warranty time before I get a response. Ive been without a proper working unit for weeks now. does anyone know if I can completely uninstall this unit and try to re install? Or have other ideas how to fix it? I dont want to go into another week waiting for a generic reply and not fixing my machine. thanks in advance for advise

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve continued to run into trouble with your replacement Glowforge. I appreciate you reaching out to us directly, and for providing such great details outlining the behavior you are seeing. I sincerely apologize for the delay in response, but I’ve reached out directly via email to work on the next best steps, so that we can get you back up and printing.

I’ll close this thread for now, and continue reach out directly via email.

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