Replacement machine

How long does it take to get a replacement machine, when the original was deemed defective?

Does your warranty start over?

It’s been three weeks and slowly losing our faith that we will have a working unit before the first bill is due.

Also- is there ever a working phone number to call?

I’m also waiting for my replacement. I was originally told it would be shipped by two weeks. It hasn’t shipped yet and I am also losing faith. There is no phone number to call just email to contact support. I’m really hoping our machine ships soon. I only had it two weeks before I had to send it back.

Oh wow. I had mine for 24 hours before they realized it was a factory defect.

And it’s now been three weeks and we were told three times now that it’s being expedited… we even paid for it to be expedited and nothing still.

How long has it been for you?
I’m also losing faith and super upset.

They contract with a manufacturer. And these days there is no telling what they are dealing with getting parts. So clearly that sucks when you are twiddling thumbs when you were expecting to be lasering.

So canceling the order then buying again would we get it quicker?

Since I got it in 3 days when I originally ordered


They don’t have warehouse of these sitting around. They are pretty much shipped out as they are assembled. Your initial order was probably at just the right time as one was available.

So when you pay for expedited shipping when ordering a new unit that they don’t have do they refund you?

Expedited shipping means that when it’s shipped they use a faster shipping method to get it to you. It doesn’t mean expedited factory production of Glowforges. Once they have something to ship to you, you’ll still get the expedited shipping you paid for. :slight_smile:

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If you are new to the Glowforge there is still a tremendous amount of work to do that does not need an actual Glowforge sitting there.

I was at the tail end of the original folks so only waited 8 months instead of several years but I spent many weeks learning Inkscape and making stuff I could do once the Glowforge arrived.

There are large areas of details in setup and operations the do not open until your original Glowforge arrives. As your original has arrived extra time spent studying that area is not wasted as well.
The 5 weeks or so I was without a Glowforge were spent working on designs as well.

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