Replacement refurbished

I was told my replacement machine would ship out last week, Friday at the latest, I have not heard any further, nor received an email notification with tracking, I would appreciate if someone would contact me, I have used the contact us form and heard nothing back.

You should have gotten a pretty much immediate automated response from your use of the contact form - if you didn’t, check to see if it went into your spam - and add to your white list in your email.

If you did, they’re likely checking and don’t have an answer yet, but this post has opened a 2nd ticket in their system so someone will be along to let you know they got both.

In case you’re not aware, the :glowforge: s ship from a completely different place then CS is located, so they frequently do not have that information at their fingertips.

If you haven’t already you should sign up for Fedex and UPS’ shipping notifications, you’ll often get a notice from them before :glowforge: CS has received confirmation from the warehouse that something has shipped. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, and yes, I’m aware they ship from an alternate location, but I figure after a week someone should know something and I have gotten emails from them before and they don’t go to spam, and I am signed up for Fed EX and UPS shipping notifications. Just frustrated as this has been a long process (since middle of December)


Sigh - that’s frustrating. Hopefully you’ll get an answer soon!

Well, someone just recently shared that they just got a part from a vendor they ordered back in May. Fairly confused until eventually figured it out.

Thankfully GF isn’t that bad.

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Still waiting on my Pro from mid December, I never hear anything unless I reach out. Was supposed to be shipped January 12, supposedly will be this week per CS.

I’m afraid I’m a bit puzzled. I’m not sure if we have communication under a different email address, or if there’s a third party insurer participating here? Could you forward the email that you’re referring to regarding your replacement machine to so that we can follow up with more details? Thanks!

My Pro I ordered in mid December is finally supposed to arrive today, 5 weeks after the initial date. You really need to stay on customer service and be prepared to wait as I was told next week, next week…

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