Replacement Tile Case

I have a bunch of Tiles that have failing batteries in them, so I ordered a bunch of replacements from Digi-Key. The rather scammy nature of the Tile’s construction (Soldered battery, and ultrasonically welded, tough as a Tick case) means you have to destroy the case to replace the battery.

I was going to 3D print one, but have this laser sitting behind me, and some proof grade…

Proofgrade Maple veneer, a top a bottom, and a “Shim” layer. also two shims that fit inside the compartment to hold the board.

The core is Proofgrade Acrylic. Too bad we don’t have proof grade Delrin yet!


Would you mind sharing the files? I have a friend (who may or may not have already read this post) who loves his Tile, but I am sure would love a custom case even more.

Yah, no sweat, I’ll put em up tomorrow.


I have got one sitting next to my desk right now. I was just about to crack it open a try printing a case.

I found few videos on it, one even featured upgrading the battery.

The low battery warning is just a timer there is no way to clear it, so you just need to remember to change them once a year, and ignore the warning.

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I just posted them on Thingiverse.


Just checked it out on Thingiverse and downloaded it for future use, very cool. You may want to add some tags to it like “Glowforge” and “laser_cut”. I go to Thingiverse pretty often and I sometimes do a search for “Glowforge”


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