Replacment carrier plate?

So i thought I hit pause on my.machine as I stepped away to help son get the TV working. Clearly I didn’t and a problem occured!!
The project actually burned (using plywood in the machine) and ruined the carrier plate track (rubber rope thingy) as well as the fan was ruined. The laser itself seems fine but can’t really test it because the machine is down.

Help!!! How do I get a replacment part?

posting here opens a support ticket and they will be along to get you sorted out. I would suggest posting some photos of the damage so they can have a better idea of the damage that has occurred.


On a side note, I would scavenge those rollers from the carriage. :+1:


For what purpose?

There has be a production issue with the rollers but then I would scavenge the whole thing. It would also help others if you could lay out how you got the plywood to that point, the settings the plywood type etc as well as a photo. Were you using magnets? There have been many start fires with cardboard and acrylic, but I don’t know of another fire in plywood. I would also take a careful look at the lid camera. You are lucky the whole lid did not blow, but that would be quite vulnerable.

As @rbtdanforth said, there has been a recent issue with new machines where the rollers had been breaking. Although the ones I have seen were black, yours look different so that may have been rectified by now.


I would definitely keep the little wheels. Yours look like the ones that used to come with the machines. Mine are the same, and I’ve had my Pro for like 2 years. The black ones I think are on newer machines and seem to break a lot more.

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I’m so sorry to hear that you ran into trouble on your Glowforge. I’ve reached out to you directly via email with the next best steps to get you back up and printing. I’ll now close this thread.