I have PROBABLY missed a discussion on this, but has any thought been given to a Thingiverse type of repository where we could share our creations just with other Glowforgers?


there’s been some suggestion of eventually allowing customers to maybe submit designs for the catalog, but that’s the extent of things, i believe.


As far as sharing for free I think there is a Free designs category you can post in to (already some cool shares there) but other than that, what @jrnelson said from what I have see so far.


I’ll be sharing my designs on Thingiverse as well, and tagging them “Glowforge”.

If I remember correctly @dan said there would be a place for user submissions, but they want the designs to be vetted.

A great deal of what is on Thingiverse is unprintable. Occasionally, you find a Jem.


Why only with Glowforgers? Why not share it with the world?


Thingiverse has had a problematic history. Without going into any detail, I’ll simply say that I avoid it.

Instead, I post my stuff on GitHub.


That’s a good idea. Hadn’t really thought of that - I did post something up there as a remix of a design someone else started but needed some work to make it really usable. Didn’t tag it with Glowforge though and I hadn’t thought of putting other things up there that didn’t start there.

I’m really bad with things like Thingiverse or Instructables for my own stuff. Always amazed by what other people do and then don’t think about adding any of mine.

I like the Thingiverse format though with its room for pics, instructions, comments, etc and the ability to link a remix so you can find something and then find its best iteration (or add your own). Services like GitHub seem to be more developer/techie focused so it’s not as approachable (I think) as Thingiverse which was targeted to newcomers to 3D printing.

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Yah. I have enjoyed the Thingiverse forum. There are quite a few improvements they could make, like someway to rank the viability of a design, or rank the designer would be great. You can usually tell what’s junk on there pretty easy though.

Here’s my profile on it.

I’m looking forward to uploading some new designs I’m working on after I finish my Studio. Maybe I’ll be back in the maker world next week!