Republic of Tea canister

I drink a lot of tea, and in the past, I’ve used the metal canisters from “Republic of Tea” as storage containers in my lab/workshop. The paper labels are only glued in one spot, and they come off nicely with a little GooGone, leaving you with a nice metal can with a tight-fitting lid.

I was looking at one the other day, and noticed that the painted/coated lid looked perfect for some lasering, and gave it a shot today… one pass at full power. It took the coating off nicely and didn’t do anything noticeable to the metal underneath, leaving a nice clear engraving with a smooth edge.


Looks professionally done! :slightly_smiling_face:

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So weird, look what I brought down to the shop today…


Now that is really cool! Thanks for the inspiration!

Very nice repurpose! Saving the landfills one tea can at a time :sunglasses:

Great minds think alike :slight_smile:

Great Idea! I have a few myself.