Repurchase design from the Catalog

I’m trying to buy again a design from the Glowforge store…it just tells me i already bought it, and won’t give me an option to buy it again. Is that possible?
Thanks for your help!

Did you buy the unlimited option when you purchased originally? If not, and you are buying a single again, contacting Glowforge support may be necessary.


It may be either a free design you may have previously downloaded or purchased and downloaded.
Do a search for it in your personal files. If you don’t find it I also recommend contacting GF support.

When you buy from the store the design should be in the Dashboard area as it is never downloaded to your computer. If you erased it in the dashboard area you should be able to restore it at no extra cost.

I suppose you are correct. I must have been thinking of the free files I download from the free files section. Thanks for correcting that.

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