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I just submitted a request for tech support for the above ticket#.
The problem I am having, every time I turn on my unit, it starts its center/focusing/homing routine, but about halfway through I get the yellow button. All I get for an error code is “Might be too cold or too hot.” My glow forge is in a temperature controlled room. Any thoughts???

I’m guessing someone here may chime in with some ideas, but other than that it’s only other owners here. Since you included your support ticket number it seems you might have thought you could get in touch with support on here. If you received an automated reply from them, it means that they will get back to you, but it may take them a few days.


Thank you, I was hoping other owners might have had the same issue!!! I have tried EVERYTHING Possible in my Arsenal!!!

What is the temperature in your temperature-controlled room, and which model do you have?

I keep my AC at 80º and it’s currently 79.7º at my GF (Pro).


I keep mine right around 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit. I have the glow forge plus.

Upper limit for Plus is 75º, so it may well be too warm.


The yellow light is basically an error code, and your screen will (maybe) report the problem. But even if it is reporting say an overheating error it could also be an issue with all the places along the way that could carry the power or information along the way, so it may be necessary to look carefully and send photos.


But at 75 degrees I have a stand fan blowing as well!!
This is the first time in 3 years that this has been an issue!!!

Check the ribbon connection to the print head and on the other end.

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My Glowforge Plus paused during a print today and said it was cooling down. It was about 72 degrees at the time.
After a couple of minutes, it cooled on its own and finished the cut.
Come to find out, I had forgotten to turn ON my external fan! Duh…
(the internal fan is OFF since I am using an external). With the external fan ON, I had no more issues.

A dirty exhaust fan (or forgetting to turn on your external one) can cause over heating as well since it isn’t circulating the air inside the GF as well as it should.


My problem starts before I start the cut/burn. Once I click print on my computer and the laser head is centering/focusing, about 20-30 seconds into that I get the yellow button.

We keep the AC in the house at 74 (yes we like it cool) and my unit is in the basement. I’ve had this issue once and it was a cleaning issue. So maybe clean the fan? Dunno, that’s all I got.


I appreciate all the feed back.
I have thoroughly cleaned everything I could.
Have a feeling that I have a $5,000 boat anchor.

Since it has been working historically my first thought is the heat exchange has diminished. I would first inspect the exhaust fan grill and the intake on the right side bottom for obstruction.


As your Glowforge is starting up It is running through all the checks. If some sensor sends back a wrong signal or no signal you get a yellow light and it pauses until it gets the right signal. At the mothership, a log is kept of every cut anyone makes, and they can see a lot of specifics of what is happening, but that is a lot of entries to find the one you had an issue with and try and understand the cause. This can only be done by email.

I appreciate the feed back.
Sort of at witts end with this.
Have cleaned/trouble shot everything possible.

There is a range of things you cannot check that support can tell from the logs and a range beyond that even they cannot, except at the factory. The price of not knowing everything you would have to know and do to build your own is that even if it is minor or major your machine has to go back to the mother ship for them to do that. And the only way to get there is in an email conversation with Support. It is easier if you reply to their email by hitting reply as the entire conversation can be seen by anyone opening the email.

My wife keeps ours at 60… I’m freezing all the time!


60?!?! Does it ever stop running? And what is your electric bill monthly!

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My wife is a mid-70s during the day (stores, restaurants, etc cause her to wear a sweater in 80 degree weather!) but wants the bedroom at 65 :man_shrugging: