Request for feature

It would be nice to have fine grain control on speed and power, and be able to have more than 3 passes.
(Also, medium to large SVG files take a really long time to import.)

:confused: how fine grain? Speed I get (since it defaults to increments of 5 but Proofgrade values show inbetween values). Power is pretty precise though.

For speed, it’s unclear what scale is being used, but if there’s any way to have the ability to move the laser at a speed of 103.75 (default unit for laser speed is “5” e.g a speed of “100” or “105” is possible, but 101, 102, 103, 104 are unavailable)
It would nice to be able to time the movement to Millisecond per Millimetre (or ms per in, whatever).

For power, it’s unclear what scale is being used. It’s currently possible to choose values of 1 and 5 and 10 and 15 and ++5 to 100, then there is a FULL setting, which is ENTIRELY mysterious.
Is it possible to have milliwatts (or ~photons) displayed in the UI, and to be able to adjust this value as much as possible?

Both Speed and Power should be controllable on a per trace basis. There should be some way to trace a gradient or etc, in both dimensions.

As far as speed.

Actual speed units were dropped sometime back - for whatever reason. They were originally based on Inches Per Second. You can convert those units using a spreadsheet, but that’s about it.

As far as power, that’s never been defined - or the relationship between PowerSetting and PowerOutput have never been defined.

I understand this is a feature request - just trying to give some background on the thing as a whole.

Full is supposed to be your tube rating, so 40 / 45W. All the other powers are the mysterious ones.

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If you type a # other than 3 - like 9 - and click outside the box, don’t hit enter, it will keep the value you entered.


Thanks for all the comments, that’s a good tip about upping passes.
Have any of you received the error: “Your design is too large and complex to print. You can shrink it, change settings, or print it in pieces” ?

This is almost always because of the onboard storage is exceeded. The current limitations are about a 3.5 hour job.