Request: Higher Resolution

Can we get some higher resolution on the top banner? Perhaps “Day 9, 13th hour” for basics and “Day 1, 8th hour” or so for the Pros? We’re anxious for information!


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You can close to that level of detail from the spreadsheet here:

Pro emails are about 8:24PM on the first day.
Basic emails about most of the way through day 9.

They don’t seem to follow strict chronological order through the days so I doubt you will get a more accurate measure.

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I’ve still never seen this “top banner.” :’(

For those of us that dismissed it, the banner should be visible by visiting the forum while logged out.

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I tried that but still don’t see anything. Is it browser dependent?

Oh, never mind - I wasn’t reading. I see the banner but didn’t notice that they added the days to the text. I was looking for some sort of progress bar style display. :roll_eyes:

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Thanks for the suggestion! If we make any changes, we’ll post about it during our regular updates.


I’m just happy I can understand the progress. Keep doing a good job. So I can start playing too.