Request: please specify basic or pro when sharing projects!



Apologies in advance if this is already somehow noted and I’ve missed it… I’ve clicked around and enjoyed seeing some of the truly fantastic designs, but I’ve wondered whether some require the Pro model Glowforge and haven’t seen a tag or note to indicate whether that is so.


As of this time, all beta and pre-release Glowforges are basic models.




This is probably a good idea to do in the future. It will get confusing otherwise.

Welcome, by the way!


Anything I post is done on a 30 or 35 wt so basic could handle it. Except, of course, stuff done on the rotary…:wink:


It’s a great question! As mentioned, all public units are basic right now. You can also check the user’s profile to see if they own a Basic or Pro (or PM them and remind them to add it to their profile if it’s not there).


Lookatchu witcha fancy spinning thingamajigs!