Request: Pre-release / Glowforge commission



Hey everyone!
I’m an original backer still (very patiently) waiting for my glowforge. I purchased it with the hopes of using it for cosplay and I have some pieces I would REALLY love to have cut out of acrylic. The rub is, I need it by June and I don’t think I’m going to get my machine until at least July. (I was a late backer) I could, in theory, have one of my friends with a 3d printer print them for me, but I was wondering if I could commission a glowforge beta owner to work with me in getting them cut. I really really want to know what the glowforge is capable of and this is such a perfect project.

I’m cosplaying Jubilee from the x-men. I’m just looking for her earrings, and one, maybe two “x” badges (the definite being a badge the possible being a belt buckle)

An extra bonus would be figuring out her super boxy clear pink acrylic sunglasses.

Thank you for your time!


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Thank you!


no prob! just wanted to make it a little obvious for people who skim the forum :slight_smile:


You might want to check etsy too. Before we had a laser we got one there. Some good stuff for the price:


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I’ve checked on etsy. They have some that are close but not exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!


do you have some specifics on what you need? there are a lot of variations


well, if you see the example she posted, i’m guessing a silver badge that’s empty in the middle (since you see jlee’s top through it), and her earrings, with the possibility being the belt buckle she’s wearing.

there is that second badge that looks more like her earrings but the other one is a way cooler option imo >_>


For your pink goggles, the easiest thing would be to shop and find appropriate goggles from hardware or online and then use dye to make them the color you want. The soft vinyl and hard lenses might need to be dyed at different temperatures. - Rich


I’m mostly looking at the last two images of my post with the instructable black/yellow acrylic. (And clear pink for the sunglasses.) Love the black/yellow earrings and badge.


excellent character choice btw, jubilee was always one of my favorites; she was a bit of a punk


The last two images…I’ve seen goggles just like that. You’d simply dye the lenses the color you want…simple. - Rich


Actually ironically we have safety glasses that look just like that at the hospital, which are disposable laser-safety goggles for use in the OR when different lasers are used. That color red sort of looks like the YAG ones I’ve seen.


What kind of dye do you use? I’ve never had to do this before.

Thank you!


I have a shop on Etsy and I’d be more than happy to work with you make what you want. I won’t be seeing my glowforge until August (:weary:hopefully), but I do have a laser cutter that I can cut the pieces you need on. Let me know if you want more info.


This is the best dye to use for plastics. I have used it on PETG for a number of projects and it works really well.
NOTE: dont throw in the plastic packs to melt, cut them open and dump the powder in. the melted plastic can stick to your glasses/visor

Heres a tutorial (you obviously wont need as much)


The goggles would be dead simple. Merely add side extensions (temples) to the one that @takitus just posted a pic doing for his friend’s visor. A heat gun to shape and poof!


Good call!
These look like the second-to-last picture and at 4¢ a gram, seem like a bargain.


I have been doing it wrong. I have never evaluated the value of glasses based on price per gram. :wink: