Requests? slat board and Pegboard

I know I am under no obligation to take requests, but I thought I’d throw this out there while I am on a roll.

I’ve been making a lot of slat board, and pegboard designs that have been inspired by my own needs and I’d hate to miss something that a lot of you want/need, but I do not see it.

So, if there is a pegboard or slat wall item you have been hoping for and I’ve missed. Put it below, and if a bunch of you post the same thing or give one a lot of dittos, I may well move it up in my priorities.


Since you ask… :wink::stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got about 200 rolls of tape of various sizes - I need a Dowel support system so I can suspend those things horizontally instead of dangling them off of long prongs that stick straight out. It would need to have notches for placing the dowel either close to the pegboard (smaller rolls) or farther out (packing tapes).

That would be really, really cool. :blush:


200! yes you need something!

Would my slatbord tape holder work if I modified for pegboard?

If not, can you please provide a rough sketch? This sounds like something useful.

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Hell yeah, that would be fancier than I was thinking. (I was just going to rest some dowels on a support of some kind…that would be much more professional looking!) :sunglasses::+1:

I was thinking something like this:

Just a couple of supports that would work with different sized dowels to hang things on.


Great, oh, I just saw the drawing, we need that too. I’ll try to do both over the next week or so. Yours would be good for wire and solder and stuff.

Mine needs to be redone with 1/8" as the one for slatboard is in 1/4" and then the appropriate hanger added.


I don’t have any slatboard or pegboard, but if you are looking to expand your series you might consider adding lawn/garden/garage storage. Like, things to support broom, shovel, hoe handles etc.


not a request, but if you wanted to think about things to create, i would think about specific tools most/all of us use.

random thoughts:

mallet holder
exacto knife holder (maybe with foam base for blades)
12" masking tape roll holder/dispenser
magnet bar holder (something that could hold a metal strip that you stick your magnets to)


Some of the garage things almost call for 1/2" but maybe I could do something creative with 1/4" bb.

We’ve got to get you some pegboard up!


Not specific request, but for inspiration here is a pegboard mess that I use daily. I am already planning on replacing the measuring spoon bin with your previous design, as the wire basket gaps are too big. Overall this way of doing things is not spectacular, but it is better than stuffing it all into a junk drawer, or taking up my scant counter space with a tool caddy.

The main problem with this arrangement is that if you don’t want the tool in front of a stack, you have to take out everything in front and then put it back on the peg. Some kind of holder that sticks out and lets you access spoons/spatulas from the side would be better.

For the tongs I wonder if a good design might be something that let you rotate them 90 degrees, and tuck one side under some kind of retaining bar. They would stick out more but might be easier to retrieve. It would consume more surface area, though.


I’m using a J hook but yeah, good idea.

great idea, everyone who does any post-processing needs razor knifes handy

Hum, I’ve done two of these for slat board, and I should get them ready for :glowforge:, I CNC’d the ones I did. I’m worried that they might be too heavy for pegboard.

Another good idea, I use pins for most things these days, but still, you are getting the creative juices flowing.


Mark, that is so very kind of you!

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This would also be great for hanging ribbon…


the magnet bars a great idea

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