Requests to add to "the hopper"

Hello, friends!
In the absence of a central place to post suggestions and tips, I have several to post here:

  1. Being able to make the background one solid color (white for preference, black would work) instead of being an image of your bed, would be fantastic for early designing. Of course, it needs to be easy to toggle between bed image and the blank background, because some designing depends on the size and placement of your materials. But MAN - this would be so much easier on the eyes!

  2. Wrapping text onto two lines – I’m sure I’m not the first to ask, but it would sure be helpful if I could size the line where I want it to end and have it wrap from there. Or – since I can imagine that would interfere with the way GF Premium does sizing for text now – even just a button that can indicate you want to wrap from here…

  3. A MUCH better way to handle viewing and managing components for items with many pieces. Right now, it’s kind of a nightmare to make a piece with a lot of text lines, or a number of different objects, because you can only see a few at a time in the objects list on the left. And if you copy/paste a number of objects, it is NEVER clear what order they’ll be added to the list. It’s REALLY hard to make sure everyone is on the right setting – especially if some of your objects are cut and others are score/engrave and they’re very similar in shape. Also, inexplicably, I can never determine whether a copy/pasted item will be pasted as an independent object (in which case, I can give it a different setting) or as another item in what seems to be a GF-determined group (in which case, one cut setting determines both objects).

  4. tags you can create and apply to the files in your dashboard. Especially since the order is set based on what you’ve viewed most recently… if you get a lot of files, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for.

I’m sure I have more – but gotta go do real life things. Thanks!


The GF staff don’t monitor this area of the forum. The best way to hopperize your ideas is to email them to Support.

Good luck!


For #3 - the colours are different whether something is set to cut/score/engrave/ignore - and there are a half a dozen different colour palettes you can choose from. If the one you’re using isn’t distinguishing them enough for you, try some of the others!

3 dot menu > Preferences to get to the choices.


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