Reset design not working

I was working with the snap and save box, trying to add a custom engrave the the design. Had a lot of issues with that and tried to reset the design using the three seashells…I mean dots, but it keeps resetting to my custom artwork with none of the line work for the box.

Try refreshing your browser after you reset it.

I did try refreshing. Didn’t work. :frowning:

Well, that’s a drag. :neutral_face:

Is this for the designs that we got for free? I deleted one by accident. The icon to open it istill there but there’s no design in it. Now I don’t know how to get it back…

It should work for catalog and free designs. But not yet for user-uploaded designs.

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Yeah, it was the free design they gave us for the Snap and Store box. I hit the Restore Design button but instead of deleting the custom image I added, it kept that and deleted everything else.

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yep, just did the same think to the puzzle for me.

@melantha and @mark14 I’m so sorry about that.

I’ve sent you a new copy of the design so you can get back to printing. You’ll find it in your list of designs on the Dashboard.

@briski If resetting your design doesn’t help, please post a new topic and let us know. Thank you.