Reseting uploaded designs

Hello folks, me again with yet another seemingly simple issue. Resetting catalog designs works like a charm, but designs I upload myself can’t be reset (unless I’m missing something…). Is this the case? If I modify or delete certain parts of a custom upload, do I really have to upload the whole thing again?



If you want to make non-destructive edits to your own designs, you have to make a copy, or live with re-uploading them.

I too do not care for this way of doing things!


I see. That would appear to be a really unhelpful way of doing things. Thx for the quick reply!

Ctrl-Z will reverse steps for you, until you exit out of the design, but once you exit to “home” the current state is saved.


FWIW, you can’t make any edits to a design once it’s in the Universal Control Panel for the industrial universal machines. all you can do is move around where it goes on the bed and change settings. the fact that you can copy/paste, delete, reorganize individual pieces in the GFUI is a step above what i can do with the interface for a $35k machine.

not to say there aren’t things i like better about how the UCP works, just that it’s not necessarily common to actually be able to make design edits in a laser cutter’s control panel.


If the founders/purchased designs can be reset to their original form, then I see little reason as to why owners uploaded designs can’t follow the same format. Keeping a local copy of the original file partially defeats the purpose of being able to recall it from the GUI surely?

you can pretty much accomplish the same thing by making a copy before editing an uploaded file.

For me, my process always includes keeping the original source file on my computer. Both because it serves as a backup for anything loaded to the GFUI and because my source files are more editable than anything in the GFUI.


Thanks. I will do that from now on, just seems a little unnecessary…I know, first world problems right! :grinning:

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Thanks for the answer @GrooveStranger , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic.