Resetting Artwork

I learned something today. I was making some snap and store boxes out of acrylic. I put lots of clip art on the sides and on the top. I have had two instances where when I reset the box, I lost all of the snap and store pieces and had only some clip art left. Everything I tried to do failed to reestablish the original design. Today it happened again. I emailed support to get it reset, but while waiting to have it reset I opened the snap and store template and deleted the clip art that I had been using, leaving a blank screen. I completely closed out of the Glowforge app and then reopened it. I opened the snap and store box and tried to reset it. Up it popped. Hope this will help someone having the same problems.


Nice writeup! :grinning::+1:

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It would be valuable to be able to save templates that can have engrave art changed often, also having versions would be a great workflow addition.