Resident Evil Security Badge

Step 1 - Laser etch the design
Step 2 - remove paper
Step 3 - 2 coats of acrylic paint
Step 4 - remove excess paint
Step 5 - Infiltrate Umbrella Corp Headquarters


That looks great! Why do you remove the paper mask and not just paint the engraved area, then remove the mask?


Oh yeah! And here I was feeling the Biohazard vibe already last week. I’ll need to go get some red acrylic now! I have an RPD special Samurai Edge airsoft I want to make a display for…

Cool! :sunglasses:

Whoa! Love this! Great job on the paint too.

PS - Watch out for the Red Queen

One of the challenges when using the masking as paint masking is that the masking will absorb some of the paint and it doesn’t prevent bleeding at the edges. It will also leave a ridge of paint where the masking was removed, which can lead to chipping when the ridge gets broken off.


I tried it once leaving the paper mask on but, it just ended up easier removing it. I used a credit card wrapped in a damp cotton cloth to scrape the excess paint off.


I saw an interesting technique where you use white acrylic and spray the entire surface with red Krylon, then engrave through the paint back down to the white layer.


Or you could just use red/white engraving acrylic.

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The read and white layered acrylic can be so finicky though and doesn’t always engrave very clean. For all the hassle of dealing with the red schmutz and for a cleaner look, I like just painting the red stuff too.

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Cool! Let us know how the infiltration plan goes…

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