Resizing a layered design

I have bought several layered designs on Etsy. Usually, they are too small and I want to make them larger. How do I resize each layer to make the layers fit correctly? I tried doing copy and paste in the dimensions so that they all matched, but after printing, they don’t fit together. Thanks!

You will probably need to modify the designs in a graphics program such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. Do the designs have slots and tabs that are material size specific?


If you want to go from 1/8" material to 1/4" material you should be able double the size and still have it work - anything else and it’s not at all an easy job. You have to disconnect each of the slots/tabs and then resize everything else, and then reattach the slots/tabs - and maybe add even more depending on exactly the design.

You may find it a much more effective use of your time to contact the artist you’re buying from and saying “do you have this in 12"x12”?" They’ll already have the design bits, and for a fee would likely be happy to fix it.


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