(Resolved) Same settings, different result

Running a job with cuts and engraves, and the engraves are coming out very different with the same settings.

Cherry proofgrade, all set to default settings. SD engrave for that portion of it. The engraved circles come out as I expected, but the word “Keys” barely makes it through the masking

I did change both to manual to see the default setting, and they both show 1000/ full. So why the difference?

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Presumably because of the shade of gray of Keys in the source image (jpg or png, I presume)


If they are both set to the same speed and power, I don’t see how the color of the text matters. If I am missing something, I am all ears, that’s why I’m here. The UI shows same speed and power, and I can’t see how that should/would yield different results.

SD Graphic uses vary power.

So lighter values will engrave lighter.


For vector engraves the color is ignored (aside from grouping into operations). But if it’s a bitmap then the color very much matters. (With “vary power” it modulates the beam power. With “dots” or “patterns” settings any non-black pixels result in dithering.)


As others mentioned, engraving involves more than power and speed:
Grayscale value are converted via on of the three methods show above.

If you’re looking for a “flat” engrave, all elements should be exactly the same color.


ok, I that I can get behind.

I almost never do text as an image, I do an outline, so that change in my workflow is what threw me.

All good now, thank you!

I’m not at the laptop at the moment - but I’m pretty sure HD Graphic doesn’t use vary power (it uses convert to dots) - which is probably a bug and should be reported.

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Thanks for the answer everyone, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Happy printing!