{Resolved} Shouldn't have posted to forum

I don’t need help resolving this. This is a notification to GF for Monday morning.

Was working fine for me a few minutes ago, (CTRL+C and CTRL+V), and I was using a lot of it. What browser are you using?

I think they might need more details. How exactly is it not working?

I think she’s talking in secret code to GF support :wink:

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Leaving this thread alone, as requested, that was a bridge too far!

Chrome. When I paste…it doesn’t paste what was copied.

Still, not asking for help.

I’ve noticed that if I copy/paste a line, the line doesn’t show up and attempting to interact with the first line doesn’t work. I end up having to reload the interface to reveal the copy, but then a bunch of settings are lost.

I figured that since this doesn’t help you, it was safe to post.

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Guess so. In the future if you don’t want input from the other users, you can send Support a direct email.

(We tend to assume that people posting here are looking for assistance, confirmation or discussion.)


Unwanted assistance part IV…

Used it several times in the last 3 hours. No issues. Ctrl C and then Ctrl V worked swell.

Maybe something to do with the Chrome setup itself? It is the browser of choice apparently, but other browsers have caused multiple issues.