Resonance buzzing for short time during fan power up and down


Lately I am hearing what sounds like a resonance buzz for a short time during the fan power up and to a lesser extent during the power down of the fan. The fan starts up with no buzz but when it reaches a certain frequency there is a resonance buzzing which dies away when the fan proceeds on to full speed.

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Have you checked your exhaust port fan lately? Could be some material buildup.


Try applying pressure to the rear of the unit near the exhaust port. My first GF (I am on #4, long story) had a similar issue, and it eventually started doing it all the time. I think something back there is glued and the glue comes loose on some units.

Here are the two threads on it. One of them has a link to a video so you can compare the sounds:

FWIW, GF ended up replacing the unit, i.e. there wasn’t some fix I could do myself. Hopefully it is a different issue for you, but I thought I would pass along the info.


Thanks for letting me know about this.

Would you please clean and inspect the exhaust by following these instructions:

Remove Hose from Unit
Squeeze the two ends of the ring clamp together and pull the clamp and the hose away from your Glowforge to remove them.

Vacuum Exhaust Connections
Use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from your Glowforge unit’s exhaust connection as well as from your outdoor exhaust vent

Try a Print

  1. Remove any material from the bed, leaving the crumb tray
  2. Turn the Glowforge on and go to
  3. Upload or select a simple, quick design, such as a single outline cut
  4. Click “Unknown” to select a material
  5. Search for and choose “Thin Natural Leather” as your material
  6. Start the print (Note: This may create some odor, but it is not hazardous)
  7. Take a video of the print
  8. Post the video (or send it to me at if you’d prefer) and let me know if the vibration/rattling has improved

Thank you.


It’s been a little while with no reply - I hope that’s because the cleaning resolved the issue. If not, please either start a new thread or email

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