Respiratory Masks

For those searching online with no success, respiratory masks are available at

Both KN95s and 3 ply surgical style masks are in stock, with many more on the way.

Get $5 off per box of 3 ply masks or KN95 masks with coupon code GLOWSAFE.

Fast, free shipping, too!

In any event, whether you use a purchased mask or a honemade covering, please cover up when you go out to protect yourself as well as others. Stay Safe.


Very good, I gave mine away to family members lately. I’ll be restocking for personal use. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much. I bought a box of surgical masks.


Thanks so much! I just ordered some, too.


So I feel really conflicted about this. On the one hand (I’m assuming this is your store) it’s cool of you to offer a discount to the Glowforge community. On the other hand… aren’t these masks needed for hospital workers? And are we ok with people advertising things here that aren’t Glowforge related? And last but least, the price seems to be about double what they’re going for on Amazon right now.

I appreciate your comments.

We import these items from overseas factories with the understanding of the Chinese govt they they are not intended to be used for medical purposes. China does not allow the export of medical masks at this time. We sell them for use by the general community who want to have some form of disposable covering and for industrial workers who can’t find N95s they need in the normal course of their business.

This is an everything else category, which does not have to be GF related. I don’t really know if advertising is permitted or not, but I do see people posting their Etsy sites from time to time. If it’s not permitted, I am sorry and will take down the post.

I don’t know what masks are selling for on Amazon. I do know that both Anazon and Ebay instituted a policy about a month ago that forbids people from selling masks under the threat of suspension. I do know what we pay for the masks and our markup is not a lot after you add up the inflated factory prices, inflated air freight charges, inflated duty costs, and our cost of the processing time, boxes, and free shipping to mail these masks out, as well as the roughly 3% credit card fees…

We also donate a considerable number of masks on a regular basis. Next weekend we are giving out 5,000 masks, 1,000 bottles of sanitizer and a 1,000 pastry items through our local church to the community.


Thank you for your transparency. Like I said, I wasn’t sure how to feel about this. Some people (not me) have gotten irritated merely when people promote their YouTube channels or Etsy stores, even when they’re Glowforge related. And it would almost certainly be flagged as spam if someone just dropped a random post saying “Hey, I’m offering 5% off your first order on my vitamin store”. So I often think about how to objectively draw the line.

I believe you that you’re not marking these up excessively and for all I know the ones on Amazon are all scams – they are doing a pretty terrible job of maintaining compliance with their policies. If they do have one against selling masks, it’s not working at all. I’m not flagging your post or asking to take it down, just wanted to have the discussion, which I appreciate.

I still have half a box of masks from before this all started, so I’ll let others who need them get in. But it’s good to know a reliable source in case this keeps dragging on.


Fyi, our online price per mask is not much higher than we charged a half dozen distributors (NY, NJ, VA, IL, WI) on Friday for a total of 100,000 masks for resale.

I did a quick look at the ones on Amazon. Either they were all promising 6-8 week delivery times or they were far more expensive - $12-$25 per mask for the N95 style. There were only a handful of Prime sellers and those were the expensive ones. The cheaper surgical style ones were all extended delivery non-Prime sellers. These prices are similar to what the governor said the state just paid a week or so ago.


Thank you for sharing this discount with this community - just ordered some too!


Just received my order of 10 KN95 masks. They are very comfortable and soft…much better than what we’ve been using…and I’m sure more effective. Thank you, again.


Sorry the USPS transit time took so long.

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