Response to ticket #95432, please!


I don’t think it can be that difficult to add a user to an account as per the ticket.

Please advise, the new user is anxious to get started with their Glowforge, and this process is getting off on the wrong foot.

Can we help? Is it that you added someone and they didn’t get the email?

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If only you could :frowning_face:

I cannot add a user because I cannot add a Glowforge unit ( never used, so it was recently sold ). Not being in possession of the unit, I cannot complete the process to get it into the system. The new owner cannot register the unit because they need an account with Glowforge first. The Glowforge TOS explicitly prohibits account sharing at the potential cost of barring user(s) from the system.

So here I am caught in the middle of a Catch-22 and at the mercy of what has proven to be somewhat casual support. :scream::scream::scream:

This may be a silly question, but did you try logging into Even if you never set up your machine, it should be attached to you.

Sigh … yeah, I can log in, and then, I’m presented with the options to:

  1. Setup my machine.
  2. Things to do while I wait for my machine.
  3. Get added to someone else’s machine that has already been through step 1.
  4. Buy a machine.

But … your answer inspired me to do some googling … and by jove, I think I may have gotten it!

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Thanks for following up on this - I’m sorry for the frustration.

The new owner of the Glowforge can visit and follow the steps there to create an account. Once they have an account, they’ll be able to setup and use the Glowforge.

I’ll leave the thread open for a bit, let us know if the process above doesn’t get the new owner on their way to printing on the Glowforge.

Hi Rachel,

I believe the new owner has successfully created an account now.

Can you please address the second part of this ticket regarding the air filter unit?

Thank you,

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