Restarting a print where it left off?

I’m engraving a photo which was working well till I had a power issue in the house. The print stopped with the image almost finished. Is there a way to restart where the print left off without having to engrave over the part of the image it already finished?

Yes. If you haven’t moved anything you could put a piece of scrap over the already engraved portion then make sure to focus on the original piece and run it again. I have done this in the past and couldn’t see where it had left off and restarted.


I have also done what @beerfaced describes. Unfortunately, it does have to rerun the entire photo but at least this prevents you from scrapping what you started!


It is also possible to go into your design program, delete the part that was already done - then upload the new partial image to the GFUI - line it up to the art already there (even if it looks like it’ll engrave in the wrong space - then turn the old art to ignore and run just the new one.

If you use the precision placement tool set to the lower left corner, for example, then note the coordinates, you can then chop off most of the design leaving just a little overlap and the unprinted portion. Carefully cover the lower part of the printed area as accurately as possible (a steel ruler would be good) without disturbing the material, enter the same coordinates for the lower left corner, then run the rest of the print.


Thank you for all the help and suggestions!

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