Restocking fee and shipping fee

I requested my order be cancelled before I received any shipping confirmation, now the Machine is on its way to my house. If I deny the package will I i be charged shipping and the restocking fee?

I need help ASAP the machine is supposed to be here in a few hours and no one is responding to my emails.

No, they generally do not charge a restocking fee if you contacted them to cancel before it shipped.

You will not see the refund for (I think) up to ten business days though, it takes time for the financial institutions to process it.

If someone tries to deliver it, just refuse delivery unless someone from Support tells you otherwise.

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Iā€™m so sorry for the uncertainty ā€“ I just replied to your email!

For those curious, we accept returns (in some cases less shipping and/or restocking and refurbishment) according to our Terms of Purchase and Service section 4.13.