Restore Artwork to Original State

So, I’ve noticed that when I make any changes to my artwork placement in the GUI, the original artwork (position, scale, etc.) doesn’t go back to its original state anymore. Does that make any sense? Example…

I’ve uploaded an SVG that contains cuts and engraves. In the GUI, I move the pieces to optimize my wood use and I even delete some pieces that I don’t need/want to cut/engrave. I know I can UNDO to get everything back, but sometimes I just close the browser… when I return and try to open that uploaded SVG file again, all the pieces are still in their new locations and any deleted pieces are gone forever (can’t UNDO).

Is this a bug? Feature? Am I just overlooking something to reset the artwork? Or do I have to upload the file over again every time I wanna use it fresh?

Autosave is a feature… Here’s a short how-to:

Why don’t you just move the parts of your print that you don’t want to the grey edge of the screen on the right side. They will not print there and will not be lost. I NEVER delete any parts. :grinning:

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We recently updated our software to include the Autosave feature. Every design you create on your Glowforge will automatically save changes you make, as you make them. You can read more about Autosave on our latest improvements page.