Retro Camper - Premium design not working (for me?)

I have had issues like this when I inadvertently moved some of the lines in a living hinge pattern. The individual lines can be selected and nudged in the design so it can offset things. Part of it is how things are grouped/joined in a design. Often designs like this don’t treat the hinge pattern as one object and it is very easy to nudge the design off.

Just a thought.


I haven’t experienced the issue on other designs and will try this design one more time tomorrow and post results here. Thanks for following up

No problem! I appreciate you taking the time to try this design one more time, and I’m glad to hear that it has not occurred with other designs. I’ll make sure to keep this thread open for the time being, and wait until we hear back about retrying the design.

Let us know how it goes :slight_smile: