Return of the TERPTAN

So I recently realized that I have not updated in a while to say that I was back up and running on my :glowforge: again. And that I needed to show off the cornhole boards I did for the recent wedding.

So Eitri (my :glowforge:) was instrumental in getting the stencil cut. I used the outside stencil to paint the overall shape of the Terptan, (was four different sheets of the mylar because he was 20"x20")

Then I used the inside stencil to place the different areas of color.
IMG_5705 IMG_5706 IMG_5707 !
Once the main parts were done, went back for pieces the stencils couldn’t do and completed the plaid. Then 6 layers of Spar Polyurethane to make the bags slide nicely.

Not pictured are the bags that were made to go with them. 4 were done in the Carnegie tartan and 4 with UM Terp.

These were a big hit at the wedding along with the lawn-sized Jenga set we made.


U of Md? Been a while :slight_smile:


Really painted and finished nicely! I can see why it was a big hit.

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A really fun project … I’m sure it was a big hit!

Yep University of Maryland

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Great job. I love it.