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Is there ANYBODY that can guide me in returning my Glowforge Basic! All I got was an email " Should you change your mind about your purchase, we accept returns (in some cases less shipping and/or restocking and refurbishment) according to our Terms of Purchase and Service section 3.13:" which was usesless! I need a RETURN shipping label ASAP!

By opening a New Topic here in the Problems and Support section they will assign a ticket number to it when they see it, begin working on it, and contact you by email with the next steps to take. (All communication in this case will necessarily be by email because it involves your personal information.)

It’s going to happen on their schedule, but I’m sure they’ll be as expedient as they can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to make sure you make the right decision regarding the return…do you understand what a restocking fee is? You should make sure you’ve read (and understood) section 3.13 of the Terms of Service at that link that you listed so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises for you.

It does take them up to ten (working) days to process return payments. They might require proof that the unit is unopened before processing, I don’t know. (Uncut black packing straps, I would guess, since that’s what they’re using now.) And you will be paying the return shipping costs. Make sure that a return is what you want to do in light of the costs.

Sorry that you’ve decided it isn’t going to work for you, they’re wonderful little tools.
Best of luck.


Pretty sure you are responsible for shipping, so the label is up to you.

The refund (stated in their terms) is for purchase price less 10% for restocking as well as the original costs to ship TO you, not the cost of shipping it back (which, again, is your responsibility.)

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Yep, read that in section 3.13, but most companies, regardless if you pay shipping or not will provide a return slip to make sure the item delivers to the correct destination. At times items with a ship out address is different than the return address.


I believe, regardless of return reasons and shipping responsibilities, GF customer service issues an RMA to include with the shipment on all returns to track the item.


I’m also considering returning my Glowforge as I can’t get it to work. How did you get on with requesting a return address? Better to be somewhat out of pocket for shipping costs than being totally out of pocket for a machine that doesn’t work…

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