Reverse glass laser logo

I’m not often to be found posting here, most of my time is spent designing and making in a variety of ways in a variety of mediums. The poor old Glowforge has felt left out. A resurgence in creativity has brought this idea to fruitition. As a traditional signwriter enthusisast I really love reverse painted signs so thought I’d have a go at using the laser for one. Next I need to try using some dutch metal for extra wow!


I’ve been experimenting with reverse engraves filled with dyed epoxy.


That would be interesting to see - have you any pictures?


This looks great.

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I didn’t take any pictures and I gave the items to my nephews (KC Chiefs stuff and they’re big fans) But after I get done with this sublimation project/order I will start playing with it again.

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Neat! I love how this turned out.