RFE (Request for Enhancement) Ideas

I love my GF, use it for a lot of things, problem is that burning different types of materials takes its toll on machine, mainly the rear fan. It’s not easy to access and really hard to clean, especially if it’s got caked on crud.

I would like to submit an RFE (request for enhancement) for GF to consider on future units.

  1. Make the fan more accessible for cleaning. If the fan was able to be unscrewed even from the outside of the unit and pulled out, then the fan can be replaced or cleaned a lot easier, keeping the GF working well. Currently it is almost impossible to replace the fan if dies or is too messy to clean. The bottom screws that hold the fan to the case (from the inside) are behind two plastic numbs which just simply can’t be accessed.

Redesigning how the fan is attached to the GF in a way that the fan can be taken out easily and cleaned or replaced would be epic.

  1. Protect the electronics. The inside of the GF has exposed electronics that get dust and particles gunked all over them. There is really no reason to expose these electronics. If they were in a sealed compartment somewhere in the GF, it would protect them from getting dirty and allowing us to clean the GF more efficiently.

  2. Rethink cleaning the GF. We as customers love our GFs and we’d like to keep them in ‘like new’ condition. Currently cleaning the GF is not an easy task. Making your laser tube nice and shiny again is impossible since there is really no way to get under the tube to clean the glass nicely. I’m just asking to consider improvements to the GF that make cleaning the units easier so that they can look new for as long as we keep them up.

  3. Safety sensors that can detect fire before our units are destroyed. I know we all need to be standing over our GFs 24/7 when we print, but in the event that we look away for a minute and a material catches on fire, it would be great to have a simple sensor by the camera that can detect fire and shut the machine down to protect it.


This already exists

+1 on easier cleaning and fan removal :slight_smile:

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That was the first complaint I ever saw, and the most difficult problem. They changed the design but IMHO not enough.

Support does not monitor the forums, but a creating a post in Problems and Support generates a ticket so they would see it. Either that, or send an email.

It does? Who, what why? Not that I want to test it!

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Just in case anyone gets over casual about this:

“We’ve added extreme temperature sensing. We’ve activated additional temperature sensors in your Glowforge’s air intake, lid, head, and exhaust to measure the temperature all around the inside of your unit. These can pause the print if the temperature gets extremely high (much higher than temperatures you would ever find in a weather forecast) so you can check on it.”

It is NOT an alarm!!!

Be great if as soon as it triggers it sounds alerts through the UI.
Wouldn’t be perfect, but would be better than nothing.

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At one point I was trying to figure out how to have a small CO2 cartridge that would go off in case of flame.

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