RFID Shield paper - Don't bother lasering

I got 3 sheets from the Tandy store. I was working on making a new wallet. Thought it might be good idea to shield my access badge. This is two passes using my cardstock settings. I tried again at full power and a speed of 200. Still no good. The metal shielding blocks radio and light waves.


Well conveniently, you now have an easy line to follow with your scissors/Dremel/whatever :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter how thick the material is and you don’t need special material. Aluminum foil will work. Metal window screen will work, too. It doesn’t have to be solid metal to block radio. As long as the spacing between the wires of the screen is less than 1/4 of the wavelength of the radio signal, it’s effectively opaque. The wavelength of RFID is a couple of 10s of mm I think, so even chicken wire might work. :slight_smile:

But alas, I don’t think there’s anything that will work to block RFID that you can cut with your GF.

Although, having said that, the metallized mylar plastic used for ESD protective bags for electronics might work, and that stuff would cut. It probably wouldn’t work too well against real radio, but RFID is very low power, it doesn’t have to work well to be effective at attenuating the signal.


You’re right. I was able to place my razor in the guide that was left from the laser.


At least now you know your wallet is laser proof!


I had a wallet made from a woven, stainless steel fabric and my security card worked just fine from inside the wallet.

You’d think a metal fabric would hold up well to wear, but nothing beats bridle leather.

That security card may have been magnetic, not radio. Stainless (some varieties, anyway) is not magnetic so magnetism wouldn’t be affected.

I had one of those stainless mesh wallets. Turns out, stainless steel fatigues and eventually breaks when you bend it enough. As a material for a wallet it was suboptimal.


I broke a lot of those security cards and they all had a dozen or so strands of copper wire running around the outside. Not saying there wasn’t a magnet in there somewhere, but it never stuck to anything or erased any credit cards.

Well, if it was RFID your stainless wallet should have worked! Mine definitely did.

Think magnetic like the magnet stripe on a credit card. Basically passive until you run it past an active field that can read it.

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