Rick's GF is on its way!

I assume this is where I’m supposed to post this. The instructions said to let the community know. I’ve been reading community posts for over a year now, saving ideas from the community, Pinterest, neighbors, friends, and my head. I know where it’s going to live, and the table it will start out on. In the long run a table with storage underneath would be better I think, because I’m sure to have a lot of materials to try, and test runs that I want easy access to. I am a little concerned about the 800 watt / 110 volt outlet requirement. I will have to check on that.

I’ll update as I get emails and let you all know when unboxing happens. Now, if only I could take a year off work to create all the things I want to. Beyond the location and power, I want to figure out what my first project will be. Something original and momentous.



Awesome, congrats! One thing that not everyone mentions… you might want to invest in a carbon monoxide detector to keep in your forge room, if you haven’t already. I got a battery powered one from home depot for a reasonable price, seemed like a good investment.

Awesome. And Cakeday too!


Congrats, happy CakeDay (the anniversary of the day you joined the forum), and I look forward to seeing your first original and momentous project! :smile:

Congrats, Rick. I hope it brings you many years of happiness and creativity.

Thanks Jules. I’ve been reading through some of the tutorials that you created. Thank you for the road you’ve paved.

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Glowforge RIIIIICK!

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Oh, I just did a few writeups - there was a large group of expert types who came before who did all the heavy lifting. :wink:

Does anyone have an average wait time from the initial email to the shipping notification? Waiting a year was easy compared to now. At least if I had a shipping notification, I could obsess by watching the UPS progress.

It’s been all over the place. Lately, people seem to think it’s 2 weeks, but it could just be seeing a pattern where none really exists.

Is there a reason you’re worried about the 800 watt max draw? It’s the max draw and doesn’t use that much power in general use based off some measurements from other forum members. A standard 15 amp household circuit (standard in the US) can supply approximately 1650 watts. A 10 amp circuit would supply 1100 watts.

Thank you @caribis2. I’m just an architect, and wasn’t sure what a regular outlet carried.

The starter pack of materials was on my doorstep when I got home tonight. No UPS tracking number came ahead of time. Maybe tomorrow night, the Glowforge will be on my doorstep.

Sign up for UPS My Choice. You’ll probably see the tracking show up there before you get an email from Glowforge about it.

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Are you near central TN? If so, your materials could show up before the email. If not, either they screwed up and didn’t send an email, somehow sent it to the wrong address (odd as you accepted via email) or it was shunted into a spam folder.

I just got the tracking email!!! The GF should be at my door in NJ 1/26. 3-1/4 weeks after the golden ticket email. Cross your fingers that my UPS person or his co-workers haven’t dropped it and that everything works as it’s supposed to.