Right Carraige wheel wont spin freely after replacement

Not recommended to change out this wheel

So I repaired a worn wheel , and I managed to get the new wheel in place with the aluminum plate behind it , however it will not spin freely .

when I go to tighten it up to keep the belt tight it wont spin at all.
I am at a loss.

I have tried both sides of the wheel make no difference.

Anyone have any ideas is there a washer that I am missing ??
I did not see anything on the one I replaced.

They are the exact same wheel .

There is a washer that site between the wheel and the carriage! I would take the wheel off again, make sure the washer is there, then retighten it to the carriage and see if it spins without the belt on.


No sooner did i say that , a low and behold i found that Micro Washer , I thought I had watched carefully to see if there was a washer but it was on top of the Bolt .

Thank you So much,
For those that try this , Remember that washer goes on the top of the new wheel and not the bottom ,

Thank you


This is covered in the instructions if you follow them. They even have a detailed pic showing the washer.


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