Ring of Fire


These tiny stacking rings of fire are so addictive to cut- I can squeeze them in between other cut patterns and avoid scrap. I may have to rename my forge Mount Doom. #whatmadethis #flamingundies


Really neat! I could see making them to order at a craft show or Maker Faire—it would be a really hot item.


Not to mention a formidable weapon! :sunglasses::+1:


Ok now I’m going to need to design some flaming knuckles.


Awesome idea! I definitely like things that can squeeze into the little spaces.


Flaming knuckles while cool :sunglasses: might get you into trouble with the local authorities :grin:


I like these–both dangerous and cool. That said, I gave birth last year, and “ring of fire” gained a whole new meaning for me.


Ha ha! You are funny! Right on! :rofl: