Rinse, Re-Use, Recycle



So I was messing around with cleaning up a little last night and ran across the veneer negatives for the bird inlay on the knife block, and I hate to just toss anything that might be useful, so…

Stencil. There’s potential there. It’s a good strong adhesive.

(Wasn’t particularly careful with it…just playing.) :wink:


I love the silver and gold colors :heart_eyes: - did you do that with pens of some kind? metallic sharpies?


Chuckle! No those are just reflections off the backside of the tape. (It is funny how that looks better than the actual painted purple peacock though…I hadn’t noticed.) :smile:


oooooh, throw some Pearl-ex powdered pigments on there, and even the sticky side will be useful :+1:


Genius! I can decorate the duct tape! :smiley:


is duct tape 'forgeable? it could be a whole new artform…

[edit] maybe there will be Proofgrade Duct Tape someday… hm…


I was going, wow! Where did she get the mother-of-pearl until I zoomed in and noticed it was duct tape.


Yes, pearl ex could look really cool! The mink color is my current pearl ex obsession it would go great with the purple @Jules


Dammit! That’s given me yet another idea. (i’m going to have to write it down, I’ve got some testing to do first today,and probably the rest of the week.) :smile:

I hate getting the most interesting ideas in the middle of doing something less fun.




You are so good that you make even duct tape look good. Now that’s talent. :grin:


Just to be clear about what we are looking at… the upper bird is the leftover from what got inserted into the knife block as an inlay, correct? There’s a grey area, but that’s duct tape. The lower bird is where you’ve used the refuse from your inlay pieces as a stencil that was colored with a Sharpie or something?

Regardless, what useful leftovers you’ve made!


Chuckle! Yes to all of the above - I used the other negative of the bird to slop some purple paint onto a piece of scrap wood. :smile:


Using the negatives is just brilliant.


Note of caution to all before lasering duct tape… Many are made with pvc or vinyl which is on the forbidden cut list and produce gasses you don’t want to be breathing. Too many other options to take the chance if you can’t find out :slight_smile:


The duct tape was just used to pick up the pieces. (Not lasered.) :relaxed:


DOH! I should have replied directly to the question from cynzu about it being forgeable… I forget that these are linked to specific comments. :slight_smile: I just saw it and didn’t see anyone else wave the caution flag, so I did lol


Just reinforcing your warning. I don’t plan to try lasering it, and anyone unfamiliar with it shouldn’t either. :relaxed:


Is your new idea to try to cut mother of pearl?! That’s something I’d love to see someone try. I read it’s possible with CO2 laser, but also read it’s tricky (likes to crack)!


I don’t have any, but a couple of the guys have tried it. :relaxed:
(@rpegg and @marmak3261 IIRC.)