RIP 51 Lowes stores

Lowes is closing 51 stores did you make the list?

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It’s interesting the Lowes is having a hard time competing with Home Depot. In MD and VA it seems that almost every Lowes has a neighboring Home Depot just down the street. The Lowes tends to be well organized and well stocked, the Home Depots absolutely suck. The prices are not noticeably different. Must be better run in other areas.


RIP really?

I think you are extrapolating a bit too much.

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I didn’t mean it was going out of business completely, just meant it as it’s sad to see and some of us might miss out on custom cut materials. Also a disappointment to see so many stores closing. First Best buy did this, then Kmart, now Lowe’s, I think there was another. Seems to be a trend and has me worried for the future

Between this and the canning of over 100 Orchard stores in CA and surrounding states, this smells like Lowe’s is doing some kind of internal restructuring with an eye to liquidation, acquisition, or massive restructuring.

They have a new CEO and have been refactoring the business since summer. It is not yet clear if the CEO was hired to make the business a success or make the investors rich.


I checked for the Missouri stores and they are in north St. Louis, not far from each other. Makes sense to focus a bit. Menards has been gaining steady in the Midwest and that makes for some healthy competition where I am with the big three within six miles of each other and Lowes and Menards only a mile and a half apart

I’ll miss Orchard Supply Hardware. Lowes only just bought them a few years ago (from Sears) and at the time I was happy to see them rescued from the mess Sears had made but I guess Lowes wasn’t really in a position to really do anything with it.

OSH was great because it carried what I needed 90% of the time and it was much quicker and more pleasant to go there rather than wander the endless warehouses of Lowes or Home Depot.

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Yea thats why they closed those Best buy’s. I used to work for Best buy and they closed my store and let everyone in it go. Luckily I got rehired at another one based off my preformance. But I feel for all those workers. I thought I was going to lose my house that I just put a bid in the day before they sprung all of this on us. It was a no warning. Instant notification kind of thing it was pretty bad how the Best buy one went down. Hope it wasn’t that way here too for the workers sake so they had time to look for other employment

fwiw, note that the majority of those stores (31 out of 51) are in Canada.

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And according to Lowes most are within 10 miles of another Lowes.

That is my experience. Though at least where I was in Orlando it was Lowes that moved in on Home Depot some two blocks away. Where I am in Tampa they are both quite a distance but after some time going first to one and then the other (and Michaels in the middle) I get what I need from Michaels online as the store does not carry things I usually buy, and had nothing but bad luck buying from HD,

I’m glad the ones near me are staying open, but I worry about that cutting inventory thing. That’s good for the annual report balance sheets, but tends to drive customers away over the long term.

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