Rita, Bailey, Dan, Mark, Marlo, Reena, Semahr, Ryan.....I need y'all to reach out ASAP!

Customer service needs to contact me ASAP! I have communicated back and forth with “Bailey” via email and this is my automated repsonse
“Thank you so much for reaching out! We hate auto-email, but wanted you to know that we got your message and have assigned it ticket #148571. We’re currently experiencing higher than normal volumes of questions, so unfortunately some of our answers may be delayed. If you’re a current Glowforge customer having problems using your product, we’ll get back to you within three business days - and we’ll try for much sooner. For all other queries including upgrades, purchasing, and shipping, it make take us a little longer to reply. Our deepest apologies.”

I’ve looked at 3.13 regarding returns, and it gives NO information regarding where I need to return the shipped items. I’m well aware there will be a “restocking” fee of 10%, and I’m responsible for ALL shipping costs. What address should I use, and do I NEED a return label.

You’re obviously dealing with a frustrating situation, but FYI, if you’ve already got a ticket open through email, posting in problems and support can sometimes cause further delays, because it generates duplicate tickets.


I’m sure they’ll get back to you once everybody is back in the office from the holiday weekend.

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Understood, however, I have sent at least 3 emails to “Bailey” and all I get is a automated response. It has been over 10 days since I have been attempting to get a helpful response from “ANYONE” from GlowForge! I am beyond frustrated with GF customer service! This is ridiculous…

I don’t believe Bailey is in Support. Emails should be sent to support@glowforge.com and subsequent ones as replies to their responses.

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Hi @dawndponsot,

I am sorry for the delay in responding to you. I’ve just followed up directly in email with more information regarding your return, so I am going to close this thread.