Robinson Manor - Halloween Facade

I haven’t been sharing many projects recently but I will say my Glowforge continues to be so helpful for so many projects. From custom signage to helping me create this for Halloween! I made this facade for our house from foam and wood this year and being able to make whatever I want so quickly makes taking on projects like this a little easier!


You made that impressive facade for one day’s use?!? You need to find a local theater and make stage backgrounds, this is fantastic!


I second that. I found theater work makes a great outlet for building cool stuff on more than just what you can do for personal holiday decorations. The group I hooked with has 3 productions a year and they’re usually quite different in type so there’s some great diversity of builds.


This was actually the first facade I have ever made although I was sure I could do it it always felt too daunting with that said we live in a very small town, everyone knows everyone small town :joy:, that’s big for Holidays but the closest even pumpkin patch is at least an hour + away. I have young kids as well so I figured it was time to put my abilities to work and see what I could do. It was definitely a big hit and I made it so that it could come apart easily store and be put up again next year. Next year I’m hoping to involve our tiny school of 70ish kids to help build some more features so it becomes something they are really part of.


Never been something I had considered although I have helped with school plays. :joy: definitely something to consider moving forward cause this was a lot of fun!


I ended up connecting with a guy who is responsible for managing all student productions for the Yale Drama School. His job is to come up with all sorts of set designs & mine is to figure out how to get them built. Great partnership - his theatrical creativity & my maker skills & tools. I’ve built fireball shooting tridents, full size elephants carrying actors with their trunk, full stage rain systems (Singing in the Rain), elevators, graves that swallowed up people, stage level swimming pools, LED lit pyramids and dozens of other projects combining all manner of different tech.


This is awesome! I can imagine this will grow into a terrific annual tradition.

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Brilliant = love the scale of it

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Simply amazing! I’m guessing you used the passthrough on a Pro? Those are some big pieces!

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I didn’t the big pieces are all foam not safe for glowforge :joy: just the added pieces of wood is what I used the glowforge for


That’s cool too! I love to watch the “making of” videos on the extended dvds for Lord Of The Rings movies. They really show how the sausage is made. Incredibly realistic ancient-looking statues made from foam by hacking away at a block with a machete.