ROBOT FIGHT. HAPPENING SOON. :robot::fist_right: :fist_left::robot:


ARGH, the fight isnt happening until 7:35pm PST. Thats another half hour of no robot fight!


I saw it at Maker Faire. THanks for posting this.

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ROBOT FIGHT! :robot:

Wow! Robots are slow, but an awesome fight!


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Im not sure if it was all staged, but parts of it felt staged. Running into the announcers, I mean come on.

Still cool to see eagle prime rip apart kuratas.

Years of anime prepared me for something much more exciting than that.

A few points - spoilerized in case you havent watched yet

Kurata had their strategy all wrong. They needed to hit and run, then repeat that over and over. They only had one viable offensive weapon in that giant fist, and they should have used it more effectively. Honestly, Kurata was smaller and faster, it should have been able to get in and out without taking any hits from Eagle.

The drone was stupid. Was there any reason for it? Was it a distraction? If so then they shouldnt have waited until it was knocked down to move in for an attack. Likewise, Eagle grabbing the light tower and spinning it around was just for show. They didnt even hit Kurata with it.

I dont really understand the paintball cannons aside from cool factor. They mentioned at one point that they could take out cameras, and the big ones that Eagle was firing could definitely do some damage, but they fired very few shots when you consider how long they were just sitting there staring at each other.

Either one should have been trying to get around behind the other. That is where the exposed power-plants were, and therefore the most vulnerable part of the machine.

I feel so negative. Im not usually that way. And this kind of thing is right up my alley! But honestly, I agree with @karaelena. It just seemed staged.