Rocketforge 1 has landed


After my concerns about the constantly shifting dates and the headaches that caused me, I am glad to report that DeRuyter CSD’s first Glowforge has arrived. 3 handles in place, no obvious damage/leaks. As we are the Rockets and we are getting 2 more shortly, this is Rocketforge 1 and will be going to our Ag/Tech room. The other two will go to our elementary and secondary level classrooms for Art. I’m going to let the teacher do the opening and unboxing (as much as I want to).


Gotta love a school system that supports ART! Congrats!


Congrats! :grinning:




Maybe its a science project too, they are going to let the students take it apart and re-assemble it like we used to do in auto and machine shop! @pb2u2 :slight_smile:


Love to hear that young people are having access to such incredible features!