Rocks, hardboard and poplar


a couple of prints made over the last few weeks.

the large one on poplar took about an hour, weird thing is that it kept error-ing out on proofgrade full size, printed fine when shrunk in the UI, but printed fine full size on a piece of poplar, large one is ~ 9x5.5, small one is ~ 4 x2.3 or so.

hello kitty rock for a friend and the windmill is a from a painting of another friend, printed on hardboard, came out pretty neat

and a fractal - the depth is really neat

cheers! lots of fun and everyone is pretty amazed at what the results look like.

made a few LED lit acrylic signs, but too work related to share :frowning:


Like them all but particularly the windmill. :grinning:


You can see the original painting here:

He does some wonderful work.


Oh, very nice work on the fractal, like you say, the depth really gives it a punch


I have a few more prepped, just need to find time to print them. Fun to get lost in fractal space :smile:


I like those sunflowers too…looks just great engraved! :grinning: