Roman Numeral Clock Face


This is a design inspired from the original Roman Numeral Clock design that Glowforge put in their catalog. Unfortunately, the numbers on that clock were wrong. I’m the one that let them know that, and they removed it from their catalog as soon as they found out.

However, I still didn’t have my clock face - and I wanted one. So fast forward to now when I finally have the knowledge and the time to make it happen.

The original and this plan uses the 1/8" Proofgrade Walnut sheet, and the background is their Proofgrade Acrylic clear frosted.
I’ve color coded the design. When cutting, make sure you do the inner circles first, then the outsides.

Happy Glowforging!

Don R.




Thanks for your time (and the file).

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Thank you for the share!

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Excellent stuff.

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Very kind of you, Don! Thank you!

Thanks Don! This is fabulous!

Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the share!