Rose Shadowbox - Inspired by "The Little Prince"

Hi GF community,

I gave my (real) GF a rose, and let’s face it - it’s gonna wilt one of these days. So I made something that would be a bit more longer lasting in remembering the rose. A shadow box with the eventual dead rose.

Not the easiest to read, but it’s supposed to say:

“It is the time that you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important”. _
_ -The Little Prince

Also has an acrylic screen so the High & Magic rose doesn’t roll out.
Has a slot on top so the screen is removable (or you can just push it up from the front).

I spray painted the stars before removing the mask, so the stars are silver!

8 layers total, joined by the reliable Elmer’s glue. Each layer is scored so the glue would stay nicely between the layers.

SVG provided, and shadow box designed by me. Background picture of the little prince / rose is from Google. Feel free to remove the stars / words / picture and make your own shadow box (just credit me so I know someone is enjoying my work!)

Enjoy, and will update another photo in a month or so when the rose petal and stuff change colors.





What a thoughtful gift! You are so kind to share the files. Looking forward to the wilt update!



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Maybe good for a pet rock! Thank you for sharing your file!

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That’s great idea! I should go find a pet rock and make another one of these shadow boxes for it!