Rotary device needed

Is anyone close to a rotary device for the GF?
I have a potential order for 50 engraved pens and my cheap Chinese 1000 mw laser is just not up to the task.
I need to engrave a design about 1.5 inches square.
The most I can seem to engrave on a pen with the GF is 24 font size (approx. .3 inches).

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I believe both @takitus and @karaelena are working on one.

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Ha I’m working on it, but very slowly. My forge is basically running 24/7 for other stuff. It’s almost time to get a second one. I can’t say when it will be ready. It’s definitely on the list though


I wonder if you couldn’t license or sell the design to glowforge. We know there is a pent-up demand for one. :thinking:


Just noticed this:

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Unclear to me how’d this work on a “stock” GF without participation from GF’s engineers to modify the laser head control logic? It seems to me that Y-axis movement would have to be suppressed in favor of rotating the work instead—with the work rotated by some sort of “rotisserie” fixture. :sunglasses:

Dunno. I don’t need one. I just saw the app for it and remembered someone had asked for one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The rotary motion could be driven by the Y axis motion itself.

Off the top of my head, you could have a geared track on the bottom of the GF and jig itself could be end capped by something round on one end and a gear on the other. The rotating jig could be attached to the gantry such that as the gantry moves causes the jig to rotate. In theory, the rotation would cause the item to be engraved to rotate the correct amount as the gantry moves in the Y direction.

The significant challenge would be dealing with the movement of the gantry at the beginning/end of the cutting operations, but that should be surmountable.

Given 50 hours in a day, I’d totally explore this beyond word spew in a forum. Alas, days are too darned short.


I’d probably pass out on day 2. :sleeping:

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