Rotate while passing through?



With the passthrough on the pro, does the auto alignment stuff for resuming cutting only work when passing the material through pretty straight?

If you rough cut a large arc from a large thin sheet of plywood (using other tools), could you then pass that through, rotating the material with each step, and have the cameras register the rotation as well as the forward movement so it can re-align and cut a large design that follows that curve?

I understand that the arc would be constrained by the size of the 2 doors, but working within that, seems like it should be able to handle a piece that rotates 20 or 30 or 40 degrees per step of advancing the material as long as it fits through.



Not what we’re thinking, but I’ll put it in the feature request hopper. It’s designed for misalignment with linear travel, not pure rotation, but in theory no reason that can’t work.


if pure rotation was supported, the pencil- and pen-marking guys would be pretty happy, I’m sure


This feature would be great. I was thinking of an item similar to this: